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PostSubject: Application   Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:02 pm

In-game name:
Age: (Must be 14 or Older)
Steam ID:
Steam username:
Have you ever been VAC banned before?:
Have you ever been in another clan before?:
If you have, what was it called?:
Why did you leave/get kicked out?:
Will you be active on S.A.W.'s forums?:
Will you be active on S.A.W.'s server?:

Note :
To get your steam ID, do this : Open your CSS. Enter a server. Open your Console (If you dont have console, go to STEAM GAMES, Right click on Counter-Strike Source and pick Properties. Then push the Set Launch Options. Type in there : -console . NOTE*: Must be out of game while doing this!. ) Well, now you have your console. Enter a server and type in your console : status . Then copy the STEAM:XXXX part after your In-game name!

Good Luck king
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