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 Admin Prices

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PostSubject: Admin Prices   Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:10 pm

You can buy admin for the S.A.W. Server.

Admin price in Months :
- 1 =$6,- (no discount) | 3$ For SM admin
- 2 =$10,- ($2 discount) |3$ For SM admin
- 6 =$26,- ($10 discount) |3$ For SM admin
- 8 =$33,- ($15 discount) |2$ For SM admin
- 12 =$50,- ($22 discount) | Included SM Admin

Discounts are already calculated !!
Selling Admin Places now!

You must Post here with the following application and I will get back to you on how and who to pay

Steam Username:
Steam ID:
Past Experience With Admin:
What do you do when theres a hacker but your not sure:
How do you take a screen shot:
How do you make a demo:
What do you do if someone disrespects you as a admin:
What do you do when some Advertises their clan/server or Spams on the mic:
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Admin Prices
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